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Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr Celestine Santosh

Dr Celestine Santosh

Celestine Santosh is a Clinical Consultant Neuroradiologist working in Glasgow, which is one of the largest neurosciences units within the UK. Having started in Clinical Radiology over 30 years ago, he then specialised in Neuroradiology and has built up significant experience over 27 years. He has worked in many large specialised hospitals in India and the UK and has been in Glasgow since 2000. He conceived the Glasgow Oxygen Dependent (GOLD) techniques working as a clinician, with a special interest in stroke. This allowed him to understand the need to accurately assess the Penumbra with imaging and also the need for additional treatments for stroke. He was successful with the team, in getting grants and funding for the pre-clinical and clinical work. Dr Santosh is a co-founder of Aurum Biosciences Ltd, a scientific advisor for Scottish Health Innovations Ltd, a practicing clinician and inventor, so is in an ideal position to take the GOLD techniques into clinical practice.

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Dr Jo Battacharya

Dr Jo Bhattacharya

Jo Bhattacharya is one of the most experienced interventional neuroradiologists in the UK. Since training in London, Newcastle and Paris, he has been a consultant interventional neuroradiologist for the last 18 years. He has extensive experience in endovascular neurosurgery for brain aneurysms, vascular malformations and stroke and is one of a handful of practitioners world-wide, skilled in the treatment of newborn babies with complex vascular malformations. He has pioneered the introduction of a number of novel devices and techniques. He is a regular speaker at international meetings and is a consultant for several companies including Medtronic and Sequent Medical.

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Dr Xavier Luria

Independent consultant on Drug Development and Drug Regulation, he founded DDR (Drug Development and Regulation,, located in Barcelona and London, where he is the Chair and Senior Consultant. Xavier is also a member of the Kinesys Consulting Ltd ( Expert Advisory Board where he advises on a range of Kinesys projects. He was Head of Safety and Efficacy of Medicines at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) during 2005-2012, and previously held leadership positions in the biopharmaceutical industry for more than eighteen years, covering international clinical development, pharmacovigilance, biostatistics and medical affairs. In addition to Dr. Luria’s specialty in internal medicine, pharmaceutical medicine and biostatistics (University Autonomous Barcelona), he has developed expertise in several specific therapeutic areas, carried out postgraduate qualification in clinical pharmacology, drug development and regulation (Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston), he is a recognized expert on regulatory systems and benefit-risk assessment (modelling, development and methodologies) and has been lecturer at the UCSF. Furthermore, he is professor of Regulation of Life Science Industry at the IE Business School and at an IFAPP-King’s College Postgraduate Course and lecturer at several other academic institutions in Europe and USA. He is also member of the European Advisory Board of RAPS ( He is currently member of the advisory board of several biopharmaceutical and medical devices companies and serves as consultant and regulatory service provider to many others in Europe, Japan, US, Australia, Israel and Latin America.

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